Thursday, August 25, 2011

Houston Drivers Are Retarded

I had to run an errand and like an idiot I ran it in Friday, Houston rush hour traffic. I get to the intersection Chimney Rock and Hwy 59 was backed up. For about 20 minutes I slowly crept up to the intersection and spotted the problem. There was a major (meaning someone was hurt) accident in the intersection. I could see two cops. One was working information while the other was directing all four directions of traffic. I saw a cop car pull up, then turn around and drive off! Talk about worthless leaving his fellow officer to direct all that traffic by himself. I'm in a lane that forces you to turn into the crash meaning I'm not going anywhere so I put it in park and activate the flashers. Now, common sense would tell you that you can't go that way. However people behind me pass me, drive through the designated safety zone and into the wreck and get stuck! As they pass me most of them are on their ***damned cell phones! I can't believe it! How stupid are these people? I'm normally not a judgemental person but these people are simply retarded! Their mothers smoked or drank during pregnancy or were related to the father by blood! How ****** stupid are these people? So I sat there and made people wait until I found an opening and turned away and found another route to my destination. The bottom line is that Houston drivers are retarded! That is all!