Monday, June 14, 2010

Day Trip in Galveston

I took a day trip to Galveston Island and shot these pictures.

Texas City

Spent a week in Texas City and landed some of these pictures of a sunrise and abandoned buildings.

Some Random Shots

Found this in the woods outside Huntsville Rainbow over Beltway 8

Storm approaching over Westheimer

Sunset over Galveston
Allen Parkway and Studemont

Some Old Stuff

From Glenwood Cemetery circa 2001 Inside the Abyss circa 1998

From Fitzgerald's circa 1995
Me at the Sam Houston House circa 1995
Howard Hughes' grave circa 2001
Westheimer Street Festival circa 1999
A friend's grave in 1996
The giant Sam Houston statue circa 1997

Hempstead, TX

I spent a chilly, windy morning on some remote property in Hempstead. I had a good time despite the conditions. Someone apparently lives (or lived) in that bus. Also, I noticed the cows were interested in what we were doing there. Good thing for zoom lenses because that's the only way I would've gotten close to those calfs with momma cow standing by.