Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A relic of Jim Crow

I found this abandoned theatre in downtown Rosenberg. While I was shooting these pictures a black woman came up to me and asked if I got any good shots. She told me she used to come to this theatre when she was a kid. I guess this around the late 1950s, maybe the early 1960s. She told me that the black people sat in the upstairs portion while the white people sat on the first floor. Segregation was still the law of the land at this time.


I don't know if this is a sign for people to stop being rude in Rosenburg. Or is it a warning about people who live down this street. I didn't stick around long enough to find out.

The Renaissance Festival

These guys were kind enough to keep playing and let me take my favorite photo from the festival that day.

This was the last year they had this mock battle. Of course my friend beat me 2 out of 3 matches. I think my head wasn't securely velcro'd on because as you can see I had him pinned in the corner.

Good twirling shot I think.

They had mead! I'm not a wine drinker, but I do love mead.

The future Mrs. Jason. Just kidding!!!!!

Okay, I suck at archery.

Now I could hit the target with a crossbow. I'd have been a deadly crossbow sniper back in ancient times.

How she can be still for hours like that is beyond me.

People enjoying themselves.

No, I didn't notice her about to fall out of that dress.

Belly dancers!!!!!!

People just walking along.

Now this guy is dedicated. It's hot as hell and he's in all that gear and make up. He looks wicked though!

A woman paints a child's face.

Not Houston, Nacogdoches...

An old theatre. Obviously no longer in business. Imagine older residents walking past this building reflecting on old times they spent here watching movies, eating popcorn, making out, etc.

Now a missionary organization, this used to be the Redland Hotel 100 years ago. In 1908, Presidential Candidate William Jennings Bryan (and prosecutor in the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial) gave a speech from this balcony.

An original land office I would imagine.

A creepy alleyway. Who knows how many ghosts lurk here.

What! No Credit??

Groovy Pic I Think

The result of a slow shutter speed and no flash. Taken inside Numbers night club.

A Storm Cometh....

Remember the end of the first Terminator movie when Linda Hamilton is driving into the oncoming storm?

A Common Sight

How many intersections in Houston are free of someone asking for money for something or other?

I liked this one too...

That's why I had to repost it.

Moron Here!!!!!

This idiot didn't drink that much. It was whatever other substances he took earlier in the evening. This was taken at the Cue & Cushion on North Shepherd.

She fell asleep and never woke up.

I can feel the writer's grief by just reading the words.

Howard Hughes Grave

Beavis Laugh Here....

How could I not put this one back up?

Christmas Party

My wife and I went to a Christmas party at our old neighbor's place in north Houston. Despite the cold we had a good time. We sat outside by the fire chatting with total strangers. Well, the faces were familiar from the many times we used to go there when we lived up there. One couple had a tough time though. The man forgot his beer was in his chair when he went to put a log on the fire. He then sat on it. His wife walked off the platform and fell down. I helped her up, made sure she wasn't hurt. She was more humiliated than anything. She shouldn't feel bad. We've all had embarrassing moments. I see this as a reflection of people. Mostly acquaintances (except for the hosts). Everyone was there to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, no politics, no differences, no special interests types to divide them.


I have to ask. Why do people go to gas stations for the slot machines? Hmmmm....


Another (probably useless) high rise condominium going up in mid town.

A Nostalgic Gift

My grandfather got this little memento for Christmas. Somehow my mom and grandmother found this vintage 1930s camera (in working condition but try finding film for it) along with the instruction manual and an exposure guide. Look at this camera and compare it to the one of your cell phone.

Merry Christmas a day late....

Reflective Look

Not the best shot with all the overhead lighting. A picture of a picture of a Harris County Sheriff's academy class from over 30 years ago. I wonder where these people are now. I bet many of them are long deceased.

Friday, December 21, 2007