Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Party

My wife and I went to a Christmas party at our old neighbor's place in north Houston. Despite the cold we had a good time. We sat outside by the fire chatting with total strangers. Well, the faces were familiar from the many times we used to go there when we lived up there. One couple had a tough time though. The man forgot his beer was in his chair when he went to put a log on the fire. He then sat on it. His wife walked off the platform and fell down. I helped her up, made sure she wasn't hurt. She was more humiliated than anything. She shouldn't feel bad. We've all had embarrassing moments. I see this as a reflection of people. Mostly acquaintances (except for the hosts). Everyone was there to relax and enjoy the atmosphere, no politics, no differences, no special interests types to divide them.

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